Updated Jun 17, 2020:

New hours: Mon – Sat 9:30 – 7. Sun 10 – 5.

Our back door is for curbside pick up only. It is across from Pillar 3 & 4 of the parking garage. Call us @ 613-724-7770 beforehand.

Follow our Facebook for regular updates! Our web store is open 24/7!! We accept credit card/PayPal. Please check it out, shop.scrubsforthem.com

Updated Jun 12, 2020:

New hours, Mon-Sat 930-7. Sun 10-5. In the am, prior to 11, you must call us & we will let you in our back delivery entrance. After 11, you MUST use the mall entrance #1 or #5. We have been open all along but other stores in the mall will begin opening.



Updated May 6, 2020:

We are still OPEN! Hours are: Monday-Sat 9:30am-5pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Skip the mall line! If shopping just in our store, use the back door. It is across from Pillar 3 & 4 of the parking garage. Call us @ 613-724-7770 beforehand.

Our web store is open 24/7!! We accept credit card/PayPal. Please check it out, shop.scrubsforthem.com

Any questions, please give us a call. Follow our Facebook for regular updates and browse the rest of our website! Learn more about our Healthcare Appreciation Month specials and sales!


Updated Mar 26, 2020:

NEW HOURS for Scrubs For Them Carlingwood Shopping Centre. Effective now-the mall will close at 3 pm. For store access until 5 pm please call the store at 613-724-7770. We will be open Monday-Sat 930-5, Sunday 10-5. If you know what you want, call us & place a phone order & have it shipped or do a quick pick up. If you are unsure, we can arrange a FB video conference & show you some options. If you absolutely must try on, we are still allowing that at this point & are putting these items on a 4 day hold after tried on or returned. Of course, our webstore is open 24/7 at www.shop.scrubsforthem.com Please contact us for anything that you think we can help you with. We have your back. Thank you all so very very much for taking care of our community in this stressful time.


Updated Mar 24, 2020:

Covid 19 Update. We will remain open. Starting on Wed am, customers must enter the mall

through Entrance #1 & will be required to register with security. Questions call 613-724-7770.

New hours Monday to Friday 9:30-5. Sat & Sun 11-5.

Keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Scrubs For Them


Updated Mar 20, 2020:

Thank you once again to all the healthcare workers and all those who are working in essential services during this stressful and scary time.

We continue to receive customers who urgently need uniforms for a new job or extra uniforms or medical equipment as they have taken on 2nd jobs or more hours. We are staying open at this time but at reduced hours.

Effective immediately our new store hours will be 11 to 5 daily.

The ideal scenario is that if you know what you want, call the store at 613-724-7770 between 9 and 5. We will prepare your order and take your cc payment. You can then just come in and pick up your bag. For orders over $100, we will ship to you for free.

You can also order through our webstore that can be found on our website www.scrubsforthem.com. If you order online, please try and order something that is currently in stock. We will have reduced orders in the coming weeks and ordering something that we do not have in stock may take a significantly longer time to get it.

We will still allow you to try on items if necessary but we hope that you understand that we are discouraging the long visits and trying on everything in the store at this time. We are discouraging browsing.

We haven’t found anything that specifies how long the virus will stay on fabric. Any returned, exchanged or tried on items will be kept separate from floor stock for a minimum of 4 days.

We are also extending our exchange and return policies to 3 months as long as they are unwashed, with tags on.

Store staffing levels have been reduced and staff will be wearing gloves during transactions. Any staff member or customer that is sick is being asked to please stay home.

If anyone is in urgent need of a uniform or medical equipment and cannot get to our store until after 5 PM, please contact us by phone or through private message and we will attempt to set up an after hours appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and please look out for each other.

Please also don’t forget to nominate healthcare workers that are your coworkers or your personal healthcare worker for our Awards. Info can be found on our website.