The Art of Caring Awards

Scrubs for Them will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in 2022 serving Healthcare professionals in the Ottawa Region and beyond. We will be awarding our customers with The ART of CARING Awards throughout the year. We are asking our customers to nominate healthcare professionals for the awards.


12 Trophies will be given in six categories… Nursing, Dental, Veterinary, Healthcare, WellnessCulinary

Nursing (deadline for nominations on May 31)

Dental (deadline for nominations on May 31)

Veterinary (deadline for nominations on Sep 30)

Healthcare (deadline for nominations on May 31)

Wellness (deadline for nominations on Jun 4)

Culinary (deadline for nominations on Nov 21)


1) Fill out the nominations at the bottom of the page, or Click Here

2) To vote, hover over each submission to see the Thumbs up icon and click it to vote. You can also click in the box or full screen button on the right of each gallery to see all submissions and reason for nominating. You can only vote once per category.

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The Art of Caring Nursing


The Art of Caring Dental

The Art of Caring Veterinary

The Art of Caring Healthcare

The Art of Caring Wellness

The Art of Caring Culinary

The Art of Caring - Nominating Form

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