The Art of Caring Awards

Scrubs for Them will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in 2022 serving Healthcare professionals in the Ottawa Region and beyond. We will be awarding our customers with The ART of CARING Awards throughout the year. We are asking our customers to nominate healthcare professionals for the awards.


12 Trophies will be given in six categories… Nursing, Dental, Veterinary, Healthcare, WellnessCulinary

We have already announced winners for our 1st and 2nd round for some categories.

Make sure you don’t miss out! Please see below for all the details and nomination deadlines for upcoming Awards.

Veterinary (deadline for nominations on Sep. 30)

Wellness (deadline for nominations on Oct. 14)

Culinary (deadline for nominations on Nov. 21)


1) Fill out the nominations at the bottom of the page, or Click Here

2) To vote, hover over each submission to see the Thumbs up icon and click it to vote. You can also click in the box or full screen button on the right of each gallery to see all submissions and reason for nominating. You can only vote once per category.

3) Follow Scrubs For Them on Facebook for updates

The Art of Caring Nursing

Congratulations to Heather Moore, RPN/Team Lead, at Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute, who won our 1st Round Award in Nursing with 125 votes!

“Heather is a consummate professional and an exceptional nurse who goes above and beyond each day for not only her patients but also for each member of her nursing team as well. Heather never hesitates to give her time, energy and support to all of those around her and for this and so many more reasons she deserves to be recognized.”

Congratulations to Rachelle Szyc, RN, at The Ottawa Hospital, NICU, who won our 2nd Round Award in Nursing with 104 votes!

“Rachelle is a very caring nurse to the little patients in the NICU and their families. She is always the glue that holds the team together in stressful situations and she is a fierce leader!”

The Art of Caring Dental

Congratulations to Dr. Kristin Le Saux-Farmer, Dentist, at Carlingwood Dental Centre, who won our 1st Round Award in Dental with 6 votes!

“Kristin always goes the extra mile for patients, helping when there’s emergencies and questions. She’s a great dentist who is down to earth, professional, and a pleasure to work with.”

Congratulations to Dr. Charles Cohen, Orthodontist, at Braces Haven, who won our 2nd Round Award in Dental with 7 votes!

“We are so pleased with the friendly and professional service we have received at Braces Haven. Always goes above and beyond for his patients.”

The Art of Caring Veterinary

The Art of Caring Healthcare

The Healthcare Art of Caring Award Winners have been announced.


Congratulations to Amanda Engler, PSW, at Stoneridge Manor, who won our 1st Round Award in Healthcare with 82 votes!

“Amanda greets you with a smile, treats everyone with kindness and respect, her care comes from the heart and doesn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand whether she is at her work or home life. She is absolutely an amazing person and I am honoured to know her.”

Congratulations to Jenn Bacsics, PSW, at Stoneridge Manor, who won our 2nd Round Award in Healthcare with 77 votes!

“Jenn shows how much she cares for her residents on a daily basis and is compassionate with their care needs.”

The Art of Caring Wellness

The Art of Caring Culinary

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