Scrubs for Them will be celebrating a milestone, on Feb. 8, 2020, 10 years serving Healthcare professionals in the Ottawa Region and beyond. To celebrate this milestone, we will be awarding our customers with The ART of CARING Awards throughout 2020. We are asking our customers to nominate healthcare professionals for the awards.

10 Trophies will be given in six categories… Nursing, Dental, Veterinary, Healthcare, WellnessCulinary

Congratulations to our Art of Caring Dental Award Winner, Chau Nguyen!

Congratulations to our Art of Caring Healthcare Award Winner, Shannon Monether!

Congratulations to our Art of Caring Nursing Award Winner, Shebin Phillip!

Congratulations to our Art of Caring Wellness Award Winner, David Williamson!

Culinary nominations will end Jun 21. Voting ends on Jul 1.


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Congratulations to our Art of Caring Nursing Award Winner, Shebin Phillip!

“He is a dedicated nurse and provides the best care to his residents”

“I studied Nursing and worked with Shebin since a very young age and has been very passionate about caring for people, beyond caste, creed, Nationality and religion. Serves everyone with due respect and is excellent at his job. He is dedicated, a sincere nurse and certainly a role model for the Nursing profession. He wears sympathy and empathy as his second skin. I wish him all the best.”

Laurie Lance: “She has so much passion for her job, while teaching, caring & then demanding herself to be the best she can. Most staff hope their day is with her in the operating rooms so everything runs smoothly & the day is all positive vibes. She’s like this with patients, friends & family & we all could never be without her motherly love.”

Rachel Clouthier: “Always pushes herself to do more, learning all that she can to provide the best care she can for her patients”

Rebecca MacLeod: “Rebecca is a dedicated nurse always ensuring her patients are receiving safe and competent care. She lifts up her coworkers and is a leader among the staff. She is a teacher, helping new nurses feel comfortable in their new profession. With her calm and caring attitude she is an attribute to her work environment.”

Tammy Greaves: “She is always so positive in such a busy work environment. She is hard working, compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable. Tammy goes above and beyond for her patients, and has such a calming manner about her. An all around excellent team member”

Chantale Brady: “Chantale is the person who cares for everyone, not just patients. She is generous and thoughtful. She is a fantastic nurse, with a wealth of knowledge, and is always looking out for the well being of people around her.”

Sean Bondarchuk: “Sean is always calm, cool and collected. He brings a smile to the faces of his patients and fellow staff members. He is always on his feet and ready to work. He is organized in an environment of chaos and a great team player.”

Angela Fraser: “Excellent nurse on the floor and super doing her RAI job. Kind, caring and very kind with the residents. Very dedicated for staying at the Grove for 26 years.”

Megan Joan Greenough: “Megan is a Nurse Practitioner in CHEO’s pediatric chronic pain program and a full time U of O Nursing PHD student. She is passionate about learning and research at a provincial, national level and ensures her patrons get the best pain management she can give.”

Nancy Sheldrick: “Nancy is very professional, devoted and caring. I have had the pleasure of working and learning from her for yrs. She has pride in her work and it shows with every shift she works. The best Manager/ coworker that I have ever worked with in 30 yrs.”

Kelly McKay: “Kelly is our super hero!  She works along side the team, gets her hands dirty , praises and supports us, fights for our needs, works OT , role models true care for all and does far and above her position. She is our super hero💕”

Louise Difort: “She keeps giving more of her support and time”

Skylar Young: “Skylar is one of the most caring nurses I have worked with.  She is provides the best care. She advocates for her patients. She is a team member. She is always available to help.  I would not survive some shifts without her!!  She is an amazing team member and is well deserving”

Janet Lunan: “Simply said, she is a damn good nurse! She is a front line care provider. She always puts residents first.. She has a great way of dealing with the residents who have various forms and severity of dementia, and doesn’t let a bad day stop her from giving 110% to the residents. Her heart is bigger than her body, and she is described by others as “the only nurse I’d like give care to me”. She is the picture of professionalism and often goes above and beyond to see a smile on her resident.”

Amanda Thielman: “Amanda is very kind and compassionate at everything she does. Not many people would be able to work in the ICU and see such heartbreaking and unspeakable things. She is also a code nurse and works in the ER. She is someone I have always looked up to and have been so proud of every single day. I currently live in a small town about an hour away from Kingston and I have people asking me if Amanda is my sister. They would tell me how amazing she is and how they lost a loved one in the ICU and it’s never a pleasant feeling, but she made things a little easier to handle-, which speaks volumes. She is without a doubt a picture perfect nurse. She has the biggest heart and deserves so much appreciation for everything she does.”

Nancy Levere: “Nancy is a very kind, caring and compassionate nurse who would go over and above to make sure the people under her care are well taken care of. Her love in this profession is in the nursing home settings. She has proven to stay strong with all they have been through with the COVID-19.”

“She is the hardest working person I know, day in and day out Nancy is at that nursing home all hours of the day helping the residents stay comfortable and pain free through her work. She always goes the extra mile to create happiness with her coworkers and the beautiful residents she works with. No one is more deserving then she is”

“Nancy is the most caring person in our entire home. She always goes above and beyond to ensure residents are cared for properly. She is not afraid to stand up for them and their well being. I admire her greatly.”

Chelsea Almeida: “She’s very kind, loving, and caring with her patients”

Andrea Keller-Robinson: “It is with great pleasure that I nominate Mrs. Andrea Keller-Robinson for consideration for the Annual Art of Caring Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts to improve our chemotherapy treatment unit. Andrea is an outstanding professional, mentor and colleague. When I came to the unit as a new graduate in 2006 she welcomed me with open arms and was a valuable mentor. She socialized me to the unit and challenged me to learn all that I could and pushed me to be the best nurse that I could be. She has been an inspiration to development of staff at the beginning of their careers. Sincerely, ​Angela Blasutti-Boisvert, RN B.Sc.N”

Jennifer Newton: “It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ms. Jennifer (Jen) Newton for consideration for the 2020 Art of Caring Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts to improve oncology education for nurses and patients at The Ottawa Hospital. Since becoming a Nurse Educator with the Outpatient Oncology Cancer Program, Jen has redesigned and updated the orientation program for five areas from start to finish – chemotherapy/biotherapy, outpatient hematology, cancer clinics, cancer assessment program and brachytherapy. She has improved the experience for new nurses on-boarding in these departments and the satisfaction of nurse mentors. Her education sessions are fun, interactive and extremely informative. Sincerely, ​Angela Blasutti-Boisvert, RN B.Sc.N”

Susan Cooper: “The most caring and compassionate nurse I have ever met! She puts her whole heart into what she does !”

Kimberly Munoz: “Kimberly has an infectious laugh and always focuses on the positive side of things.  She has been nursing for 20+ yrs and still has the same passion and compassion for the work that she does. She works with individuals with spinal chord injuries. This work requires bringing positivity to the workplace in order for patients to remain hopeful therefore affecting a good outcome.  She works all the hours that are asked of her and more! She truly is a hero!”

Colleen Render: “Colleen has worked tirelessly for many years; Working through this pandemic, she deserves a award for kindness and work ethic, to list a few. Kind, hard working and compassionate. Never ever waivers in her ability to put patients first.”

Lea McRae: “Being a long-term care nurse for 13 years, her passion is to care for the those who have limited time left. She listens to their stories, laughs with them and cries their tears. She has the honour to sit with them when they take their final breath. As a Director of Care, she had to manage the most difficult crisis her home has ever experienced. She has supported staff when they were scared to work. Like all health care providers Lea has sacrificed time with her family to ensure her residents are cared for. She has had to advocate for her home to get the essential supplies needed to protect her staff. Everyday is a battle, every hour is a new heartache for her and her team. But every resident is worth it to her.”

Julie Wagstaff: “Julie works long hours taking care of the elderly. She is a very beautiful and caring person. She consoles not only the patients but their family as well.”

Elisa Treesa Joseph: “Very loving and dedicated. Humble to earth and has lots of nursing knowledge and skill. Very passionate of her profession. Wish her good luck.”


Congratulations to our Art of Caring Dental Award Winner, Chau Nguyen!

“She always got compliments from customers, and she really care about people, providing a great personality and great dental hygiene work. A lot of people always say “book me with Chau ONLY”

Correction: Likes as of March 25, 2020:               LeeAnn Evoy – 82 *
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Alexandra Georgiopoulos: “Wonderful person, dedicated to her job, friendly and cheerful.”

Dr. Derek Turner: “Dr Turner is the most patient and caring dentist I have ever had the pleasure of working beside. He always takes the time to actively listen to his patients while educating them by giving them multiple treatment options to gain his patient’s trust and confidence. He is very respectful of his patients time and considerate when delivering treatment options which can be costly. He is very easy to talk to and has developed a close personal connection with his patients over his years of practice. I don’t know anyone else who would be more deserving of this award.”

“He is an amazing person inside and out. Very professional but also so friendly and kind. Great dentist!”

“He always goes above and beyond for every patient and staff member. He treats them with care, honesty, and how you would treat your closest family members. I can’t think of a more deserving person.”

Rio Villanueva: “Rio makes my family’s visits to the dentist amazing! My kids have autism, and were scared to go but she made their visit enjoyable. Rio went out of her way to make us feel welcome and was very patient with my kids. Cheerful personality! We look forward to seeing her in our future visits!!”

Jane Cleroux: “Jane is the most genuine, kind and enthusiastic dental professional. She truly cares about her clients and makes sure they are not only at ease, but feel a part of the process. She goes above and beyond every day and shows her true passion for the profession.”

Chrissie Lamb: “Chrissie welcomes you with a cheerful smile, remembers your conversation from six months prior and picks up right where you left off!  She is completely thorough with her exam and cleaning, noticing small details and checking in with you.  She is meticulous, efficient and an absolute pleasure to deal with.  It is an absolute pleasure to nominate her, and she definitely deserves a reward for all she does for her patients!”

Lori Renaud: “She is a friendly assistant and keeps us calm as patients, she is always welcoming, and she has a great rapport with Dr. Lipnowski, and Dr. Sekhon”

Kacia Mongeau: “She is so kind, gentle and caring. She really has the client’s needs as a top priority at all times.”

LeeAnn Evoy: “After a career of over 20 years LeeAnn’s drive to be the best Hygienist she can be has never waivered. She is passionate about not only her craft but her patients’ health and well being.  After working with her for 15 years, her dedication still inspires me.”


Lindsay Reaney: “Lindsay goes above and beyond in a profession she is passionate about. It can be a tiring and thankless job, but she shows up giving it all she has day in day out. She has a passion for diet and nutrition and has started a weight loss program at our clinic. Many of our patients have achieved healthy weight loss with Lindsay’s help. It is a joy to work with her, she has helped me to be a better vet tech.”

Dr. Jennifer Montgomery: “Dr. Montgomery is a wonderful vet. She always looks out for the best interest of our 3 dogs and given us wonderful advice! She recommended our Great Dane puppy have a preventative gastropexy while getting neutered and referred him to one of the offices other vets to do it as she was more experienced. Honestly goes a long way especially with healthcare for our furry family! She is very knowledgeable and patient with answering our questions. I wish I could nominate the whole clinic as they are all hard working, knowledgeable, accommodating, etc. We’ve had to see some different ones for emergencies which we don’t mind at all. I voted Dr. Montgomery as she is our dogs main vet! She also has a great sense of humor!


Congratulations to our Art of Caring Healthcare Award Winner, Shannon Monether!

“Shannon is a very kind, caring and compassionate person who would go over and above to make sure the patients are well taken care of.  She has a heart of gold. Once her feet hit the floor she is off and running until the end of her shift.”

Jason North: Jason is one of the kindest and hard working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. He treats every patient in the emergency department with the love and respect that you would want for your family member. Jason is always smiling and doesn’t let the chaotic nature of the emergency department get to him. The world is a much better place because of special people like him.”

Richard Shatraw: “Richard is up at 5am every morning so he can get to his clients before they are ready to get up for the day. He’s out rain or shine, in snow storms and on snow days. There to make his clients feel comfortable and cared for. He’s a superstar!”

Marie-Philippe Bussieres: “When I hear the words “passion for their craft” I think of Marie. She’s such a talented veterinarian and we are so lucky to have on our team as a Neurology/Neurosurgery Resident. She cares for every client and their furry family members, walking them through the process of diagnosing serious medical conditions with compassion. She goes above and beyond advocating for her patient to have the best treatment plan available and will support our clients even through the difficult decisions if it’s time for them to let go. Our team is better for knowing her – a light of enthusiasm and positivity, she just rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done. And she wears her heart in those sleeves! She’s the first person to come in in the morning and the last to leave at night, making sure that everything that can be done, does get done. An excellent diagnostician, rockin’ surgeon, inspiring doctor – we are all better for having the privilege of working with her and seeing her grow! Thank you Marie-P!”

Scott Greenough: “I have had the pleasure of working with Scott in a Long Term Care facility.  Scott is a dedicated health care provider.  He is a kind, caring and passionate. He is always willing to help others to ensure our residents receive exemplary care. He demonstrates our core values, HART. Honesty/Accountability/Respect and Team Work.  Scott helps make our facility a HOME to be proud of.”

“Scott is amazing. He has a genuine rapport with his resident. Scott engages with each resident. He is really interested in each resident learning about their history, hobbies and life skills. He has great discussions with each one while caring for their needs. Scott has devoted 25 plus years in long term care. This is rare in health care today.”

Dyana McMahon: “She is terrific at her job! She steps up to help with bedside care when the unit is short. She steps in to crisis situations, able to calm down residents in distress. She puts into practice all the elements of the gentle persuasive approach, with great success. She has a great rapport with residents, and figures out their needs even when the resident can no longer vocalize. She is well respected on the unit. Everyone loves working with her. All the residents smile when she is in the room, and she genuinely loves her job. She deserves this award for the excellent work she does in an environment where a majority of residents are struggling with negative behaviours and changing health complexities from dementia. She has brought the behaviour support role (BSO) in Bourget forward 10 years simply through her diligence, knowledge, and demeanour.  Terrific PSW, and one of a kind in BSO!”

Jessica Ferguson: “Jessica is amazing at what she does and she truly cares about all of the residents.  Jessica is very compassionate, caring, mindful and very hardworking. She doesn’t hesitate to help those who still have lots of work to get done and just jumps in to lend a hand. She always picks up extra shifts and stays for overtime if needed as well. She is always helping out the management staff to help make things a little more easier for everyone. She’s a complete natural when it comes to being personal support working and I’m very honoured to call her my friend and coworker.”

Brittany Wilkinson: “This woman is the most quiet & shy person ever! But When it comes to her line of work she is a whole different person. She is so sweet and caring & does the most amazing job ever taking care of her residents. She puts her heart into it 100% and I always hope when I come into work we are working together. It makes the shift so much better.”

Krysta Dickson: “Krysta has just finished her 4th year of nursing  school. She has graduated as an RN. BScN. While going to school doing her placements she has also worked at Coleman Care as a PSW. She has a heart for helping people and very dedicated. We are all so proud of her and her accomplishments.”

Julie Teal: “Julie always has a bounce in her step, she always greets residents, colleges and visitors alike with a warm smile. Her positive attitudes makes her a delight to work with and her professionalism is second to none. Julie is always on the go and goes above and beyond every shift. Her caring nature is respected and all the residents find joy in dealing with and speaking with her. In this difficult time her upbeat manor and welcoming smile gives some well deserved moments of relief to everyone she encounters. She deserves recognition for everything she does!”

Wilda Badour: “Wilda(Meg) is always on the go, never stops throughout her shifts. Her relentless cleaning and disinfecting of our halls, staircases, railings and everything else in the building has undoubtedly helping us stay Covid Free. Meg is a machine, get out the road when she is on a mission, there’s no time like the present! She greets everyone with a smile and upbeat manner. Slaving away every minute of her shift with a mask and gloves on she certainly deserves a trophy!”

Micheal Morris: “Micheal is such a hard worker and takes such good care of the residents with little to no appreciation. Not all heroes wear capes.”

Mary O’Brien: “The best bunch of girls I work with they are hard working and deserve a new uniform”

Reshmi Chandran: “Dedicated work”

Courtney Hutton: “Courtney always goes above and beyond caring for her residents under her care. She always seems to brighten up the room and the spirits of every one in the home. Even during this tough time she always sees the good in things.”

Aldenia Orchard: “Hardworking, patient, and always ready to help”

Jill Bradley: “A person who all support and help her co-workers! Bravo Jill!!”


Congratulations to our Art of Caring Wellness Award Winner, David Williamson!

“David runs his massage business from home. I have been going to him for more than 15 years. Many of his clients are nurses or other healthcare professionals because he knows his stuff! He brought with him experience from the Day Spa and working for the Sens. He not only creates individual treatment plans but will send you home with homework where applicable. He is so busy he is no longer taking new patients. I so look forward to my appointments with David!”


Ric Watson: “Ric’s a great community person, serving, helping and teaching people in need.”

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